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Hochul's housing plan questioned by lawmakers

(excerpt from by Alexander Babbie)

Opposition from state lawmakers to Governor Kathy Hochul’s budget proposal to construct some 800,000 housing units across the state over the next decade was on display during a recent budget hearing. Republicans and Democrats question whether the plan is realistic.

New York State Homes & Community Renewal Commissioner and CEO RuthAnne Visnauskas’ testimony highlighted that, while the state may fund the plan, questions remain over what should be built or where. Visnauskas added that it will be left up to communities to figure out the infrastructure and complete funding.

"This $250 million is not meant to pay for or reflect the need for all of the water and sewer needs across the state and that there are a lot of other sources that pay for that," Visnauskas noted. "That said, we do want to work with communities that interested in putting forward plans that allow them to build more houses related to connections with water and sewer.”

Oswego area Assemblyman Brian Manteklow says there isn’t a need for new construction with so many properties sitting in land banks statewide that could be converted. The Republican said there is also a significant need to fund those land banks so that they are able to keep taking in properties. Visnauskas responded that the state is working to bolster land bank funding as well.


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