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State Senators, Assembly members Speak Out Against Congestion Pricing

(excerpt from by Jennifer Corr)

On Monday, Dec. 11, Long Island’s New York State Senators, New York State Assemblymembers and Cathy Powell, President of the Wantagh Chamber of Commerce, gathered to call on the governor to end her support for the Metropolitan Transit Authority’s New York City Business District Tolling Program, also known as congestion pricing.

This new tax implemented by the MTA will cost Long Island commuters, delivery drivers, taxi drivers, tour buses and rideshare drivers up to $36 per day to enter anywhere south of 60th Street, Manhattan, including the financial district.

New York State Senators and Assemblymen are encouraging residents to voice opinions and make their voices heard during this 60-day public comment period taking place through the Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority.

“Congestion pricing is just Albany’s latest attack in their long war on New York’s suburbs,” said 7th District State Sen. Jack Martins. “Long Island always gets stuck holding the bag for the NYC-driven mistakes from Albany – today we again say, ‘enough.’”


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