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From the Desk of Jack Martins: We must all work to stamp out antisemitism

(excerpt from

The situation in the Middle East has always been a powder keg and there’s a lot to unpack there. Not only has it challenged the best minds since 1948, it has divided the region for thousands of years.

The wounds are deep and old so I won’t try to dissect this ancient dispute via the local paper in 800 words or less.  It can’t be done and that’s just the plain truth.

However, I would like to tackle what’s happened in New York since the Oct. 7 Hamas terrorist attacks on Israel. Like you, I watched the videos from victims and astonishingly, even from the body cams of the attackers.

What I saw were carefree young people at a music festival and looks of confusion as they incredulously watched the sky. I saw them being chased across fields and savagely gunned down. I watched civilians being attacked, taken hostage, and subsequently heard of victims being tortured and murdered in gruesome fashion, including women and children.

Some, American citizens among them, were paraded through the streets in complete defiance of the Geneva Conventions with a barbarity that hasn’t been seen in decades. That’s what I saw, and I can’t unsee it.


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