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Hochul finally recognizes the migrant crisis

(excerpt from

Gov. Kathy Hochul’s mirror must be broken. In a mind-boggling television appearance last week, she finally acknowledged that the migrant crisis was “a real problem,” but then cleverly shifted blame to Congress for not limiting who can cross the border. She completely misunderstands the situation, or willfully misrepresents it. In either case, she fails to acknowledge that she’s largely responsible for this mess.

It’s not as if the suburbs haven’t already suffered from her failed policies. Cashless bail, rising crime, and a half-baked accessory housing plan have left Long Islanders reeling. But no problems are as pressing today as the migrant crisis now overwhelming New York.

So, let’s be clear about its origins. By executive order, and without legislation, the governor declared New York a “sanctuary” state. Not one to be out-virtue signaled, New York City Mayor Eric Adams then doubled down with the city’s “right to shelter” policy. The resulting disaster was predictable. More than 100,000 migrants poured in seeking help, and chaos ensued.


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